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Fight computer in this classic battleship game. You can choose from 2 types of fleets and play it full screen.


Select a type of fleet you would like to use:
  • American - uses 1 ship of 5 cell length, 1 - 4 cells, 2 - 3 cells and 1 - 2 cells.
  • Soviet - uses 1 ship of 4 cell length, 2 - 3 cells, 3 - 2 cells, 3 - 2 cells and 4 single cell ships.

Shoot by clicking a cell on your shooting board (on the right) with a mouse. If you hit a ship you get a right to shoot again. If you miss - computer shoots. The first player to sunk all the opponent's ships wins.


This is a classic battleship game you've probably played as a child on paper. Wikipedia lists a completely different combination of ships than I used to play in school as a standard one. I guess our Морской бой was a little different from the american, so I've made an option to use 2 different types of fleets.

This game is open source. It was developed in Silverlight 3 (C#). The sources are released under Ms-PL license. You can download them below.

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